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Café Štrúdl

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Wednesday, 07 March 2012 09:01

Café Štrúdl Český KrumlovCafé Štrúdl is a “homemade strudel house”, the first café in southern Bohemia dedicated exclusively to baking and selling strudels. All strudels are 100% made from scratch using our own puff pastry dough, baked fresh daily for our patrons.

In addition to the traditional apple classic, we offer many other delicious sweet strudels served with whipped cream, homemade ice cream, or vanilla sauce. For a light lunch or snack, we also have a selection of strudels which aren’t sweet, and are served with lettuce and sour cream dip.

Seating and history

Inside the café there is seating for 26, while in the summer months we also have tables outside for 9 people.

Café Štrúdl is located in the Latrán quarter, near the Český Krumlov Castle. The building was originally Gothic, built on to the fortification walls by the Latrán Gate, and some of the original structure remains preserved in the northwest wall of the building.

Our strudels

We make our strudels daily, with an emphasis placed on the quality of our ingredients. And in keeping with the culinary season, we also offer a special “strudel of the month”.


Sweet assortment

Strudel from apple variety Idared (Chelčice-Lhenice district)   1, 3, 7
Pear strudel with nuts   1, 3, 7, 8
Poppy seeds strudel with almonds   1, 3, 7, 8

Served with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream or vanilla sauce.    3, 7
60 CZK

Savoury assortment

Strudel with ham, leek and cream   1, 3, 7
Strudel with chicken, sun dried tomatoes and courgette   1, 3, 7
Strudel with spinach, blue cheese Niva and mushrooms   1, 3, 7

Served with mixed leaves salad and sour cream dip   7
75 CZK

Seasonal strudel

According present culinary calendar, ask the service.


3 - eggs   1 - cereals   7 - milk   8 - nuts

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